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5 Essential Considerations When Viewing A Property


Mar 27, 2024
Viewing A Property

Purchasing a property, whether as a first-time buyer or an experienced property developer, can be daunting. Even those familiar with the process can still find themselves overlooking minor details that, at a later date, turn into major problems.

House prices are generally rising steadily, with the wider housing market growing. As such, the need to ascertain a return on investment is important. Buyers must ensure that the premium they pay for their property in a buoyant market is both worthwhile and potentially beneficial.

To be sure that the decision you make about a property is the right one, here are five essential considerations to make when viewing your potential future home.


While there are occasionally discrepancies and inaccuracies in floorplans, most homes will be listed with their accurate dimensions. This, however, should not be a reason to drop your guard when it comes to measurements.

Whether you are looking for unlisted measurements or simply to check that your own furniture will suitably fit into a space, and with issues when moving large items through a home, bringing along a measuring tape is a smart decision.


Homes in the UK often experience their fair share of moisture-related issues. The nature of our landscape, as well as the climate, means that it is rare for a property not to, in some way, be affected by dampness. Much of this, however, is controllable or minor

When viewing a home, you should be checking for any signs of potential dampness. This can be done visually, by looking for signs of mould or water damage, or physically, by touching surfaces and checking for both coldness and condensation.

Energy Costs

Understanding the energy consumption of a home is to understand the ongoing costs associated with the property. Inefficient properties will, understandably, cost more in the long run. As such, potential buyers should look for signs of energy efficiency, such as insulation and modern boilers. Roofs of both properties and summer houses should be considered for solar panels too.


A costly infrastructure to repair or replace, plumping is an important asset to inspect. Good water pressure and clean pipes is a positive sign for those purchasing a home. However, if there are any signs of leakage or decay, then this is a cause for concern.

Be sure to test all taps and toilets when viewing a home, as well as get hands-on with the boiler and radiators. It may feel like you’re being overly cautious but most plumbing bills will tell otherwise.


Homes are generally viewed during the day. This problematic process means that insight into access of the property, as well as parking and related topics, is likely to be rather limited. Even outside of an arranged viewing, it can be worthwhile to visit a property during the early and late hours of the day. This will offer a better understanding of busier times of day, such as during school runs. It can also help to highlight any issues with local noise and commotion too!

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