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How Do You Maintain a Mitsubishi Air Conditioning?


Jul 17, 2023
Maintain a Mitsubishi Air Conditioning?

When you visit most residences or offices in Singapore, you will notice that most of them have air conditioners of the same brand or model. Why? The reason is because they have faith in well-known brands. Mitsubishi Electric is one of the few corporations known for producing top-tier air conditioning systems. They are renowned for designing air conditioning systems suitable for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

You will need an air conditioner to make your residence a comfortable place to decompress. As a Singaporean, all you need is a Mitsubishi air conditioner that makes your home comfortable, is affordable, and is simple to maintain. Today, you will learn how to service a Mitsubishi air conditioner without having to contact an aircon servicing company unless you are unable to do so.

If you can do it on your own, that’s great; if not, consider the following maintenance steps.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner

Before you begin cleansing an air conditioner, you must ensure it has been turned off. Turn off the circuit breaker or the conventional on/off switch to accomplish this.

Copper Connection

After turning off the air conditioner, proceed to the connection that connects the system/unit to the residence. Is the conduit of copper hot? When this conduit is extremely hot, it indicates that there is debris or, rather, grit that must be removed.

To accomplish this, you need a broom or brush to remove any dust or debris clinging to the air conditioner unit.

Open Air Conditioner

Once the grime has been wiped away, it is time to move on to the internal device. The instrument has an easily removable cover. There must be a diagram on the air conditioning unit illustrating how to remove the cover. The direction should be clear, so there is no need for further explanation. Additionally, you must remember to polish the inside of the cover.

Identifying the Coil

Once the Mitsubishi AirCon Unit cover has been removed, the coil must be located. The good news is that the coils resemble radiators that you are already familiar with. If you have one, you may use an air compressor to remove grime from the coil. Alternatively, a tiny hand-held brush may be utilised. Use it to eradicate any confined physical matter. This will also assist you in removing the grime.

Your Mitsubishi AirCon should now be operational. However, don’t neglect to reassemble it, i.e. return the cover to its original position.

Further Information

Depending on your model of Mitsubishi Aircon, you may be required to perform additional tasks, such as administering lubricant to specific areas. Again, let your user manual guide you on this. When finished, you must also ensure that everything has been properly repaired to prevent injury or feature damage.


Now is the time to activate the main switch or circuit breaker to determine whether or not the air conditioner is operating effectively. If it is currently in excellent condition, you should be proud of yourself.


In our household, it is essential to have DIY skills when coping with household appliances. This is especially important if we have experience operating the appliance or device in question, in this instance, an air conditioner. If you cannot service your Mitsubishi air conditioner on your own, you can contact an aircon service professional.

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