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Selecting the Perfect Finish for Your Custom Kitchen Table


Sep 15, 2023
custom dining room table 

So, you’ve taken the plunge and decided to get yourself a custom kitchen table. Congrats! This isn’t just any table; it reflects your taste and style. But the journey doesn’t end with picking the right wood or design. The finish on your table can make or break its look. Think of it as the final touch to your masterpiece, like icing on a cake. It serves dual purposes: enhancing your table’s beauty while guarding it against the wear and tear of everyday life. Did you know the finish can effortlessly integrate your table into your overall kitchen decor?

Understanding Different Finish Options

Stepping into the world of finishes can be overwhelming. There are countless options, each with its unique charm. You’ve got your varnish, known for its tough-as-nails protection. It’s ideal if your custom dining room table will witness much activity. Lacquer, on the other hand, has this wonderful smooth touch to it. Multiple coats may take more effort, but the result can be dazzling!

Then there’s oil, a favorite for many. It doesn’t just sit atop your wood; it deeply nourishes it from within. It’s the go-to for many seeking that natural, organic vibe for their custom wood dining table. Wax finishes are old-school charmers. They provide a warm glow, though they might require more TLC over time. Each of these finishes plays a role, affecting the look and the table’s resilience.

Determining Your Style

Now, take a step back and consider the vibes you want to exude. Is it that ultra-modern, sleek look you’re after, reminiscent of glossy magazines? Or perhaps you’re going for a more rustic, back-to-nature feel? Your chosen finish can be a game-changer here. For instance, if you have a modern live edge dining table, a lacquer finish might accentuate its modern appeal. On the flip side, if you’re going rustic, an oil finish can make the wood’s natural characteristics sing.

Evaluating Durability and Maintenance

It’s easy to get swayed by appearances, but practicality matters too. Think about the life your table is going to lead. Will it be the hub of family dinners, seeing its fair share of spills and hot dishes? Or it’s more of a showpiece, sitting pretty in a formal dining room. Finishes like varnish can be lifesavers for those hectic, mess-prone tables. They resist spills, heat, and even those pesky scratches. However, if you’re going more for looks and less for rugged use, you might lean toward oil or wax finishes. But remember, they might call for more upkeep.

Considering Health and Safety

Beyond the environment, there’s personal health to think of. Some finishes, especially the older types, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These aren’t the best for indoor air quality. Thankfully, the market now offers low-VOC or even zero-VOC finishes. These are safer for you and often adhere to strict safety standards. They promise peace of mind, ensuring the air you breathe remains clean and healthy.

Seeking Professional Advice

There’s no harm in admitting you need some expert guidance. With many factors to consider, professional woodworkers or finishers can offer invaluable insights. They can guide you on what finish might work best with the type of wood you’ve chosen or your kitchen ambiance. The world of custom-made dining tables is vast, and professionals can help navigate it, ensuring your investment looks and feels perfect.

Budget Considerations

Last but not least, let’s talk about money. Quality often comes at a price. While some finishes might seem expensive, they can offer superior protection or aesthetic appeal, which means fewer touch-ups and longer intervals between re-finishing. It’s a balance of upfront costs versus long-term benefits. Investing a bit more initially might save you more in the long run.


Choosing a finish for your custom kitchen table isn’t just about aesthetics. It blends style, functionality, environmental considerations, health, and budget. It deserves time and thought. After all, this table will be a part of countless memories, meals, and moments. Making the right finish choice ensures it remains a cherished centerpiece for years.

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