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tips for finding the right roofer.?


Jan 24, 2023
right roofer

To install a new roof or carry out repair work, it is best to call on the expertise of a professional roofer. But, is it still necessary to find a good roofer to hope for impeccable results. Let’s take a look at the different ways to find a good roofer and the criteria to consider when making your choice.

There are myriad ways to find a good roofer in your area. But, one thing is certain: to find the best craftsman , a minimum of research is required. Among the most used means are word of mouth and Internet forums.

The best solution to find the best craftsman in your area to take care of your roof is to contact your relatives . Indeed, your relatives probably know a professional with several years of experience in this field. From the opinions of families and friends, it is easy to list the roofers to contact. The word-of-mouth method is also an excellent technique for finding the best roofer. A roofer recommended by several of your relatives is certainly a trusted man , who carries out good quality work.

Besides the word-of-mouth technique, why not trust Internet forums  or reviews ? Through forums, you can easily ask other people for a recommendation to do your roofing work . ! Many satisfied customers will surely give you feedback on their personal roofer. The opinions of Internet users and their comments are a real godsend for gathering more information on a given professional.

If these are the best techniques for finding the right roofer, discover our advice to help you make your choice!

Our tips for finding the right roofer

Are you looking for a good roofer to install a roof, replace it or repair  it ? The following tips will be of great help to you in choosing the best roofer. These tips will make a big difference between a bad and a great experience for all your roofing projects.

Request quotes from several roofers

Because the roof is a task addressed specifically to an expert, the latter must imperatively give you a detailed and complete quote. Trust only an expert who gives you a serious , detailed and professional estimate . A quote made in a hurry reflects the lack of professionalism of the roofer.

Moreover, the ideal is to ask the roofer to go up on the roof to inspect the attic . In this way, the submission would be fair and did not reserve any unpleasant surprises along the way. In doing so, also ask the roofer about the services they offer and the materials they use.

In addition, it is advisable to request quotes from at least three roofers , because each professional offers different rates and services. With several quotes, you have the cards in hand to compare the services and prices offered.

Always beware of a professional who offers a price that is too low, compared to the market price, because this often hides defects!

Take into account the references of the roofer

To support its services, a roofer or a roofing company, with an excellent reputation, always offers its potential customers testimonials and references . Entrust your project to a professional highly recommended by his clients.

If your loved ones do not refer you to a roofer, go on the quest for the rare pearl on the Internet! In addition, the opinions of former customers are easy to find on the Internet, both on social networks and on the Google search engine .

roofer yvelines and val d’oise

Use an accredited roofer

Good roofing professionals are, of course, accredited . Accreditation demonstrates the craftsmen ‘s know-how and their ability to carry out roofing work as quickly as possible. Also, choose an accredited roofer with material suppliers , especially for flat roofs.

A good roofer also has roofing system certifications given by roofing material manufacturers and suppliers.

Trust a roofer who guarantees his services

A good roofer always provides his clients with a guarantee , which is called “  the ten-year guarantee  ”. Thanks to the ten-year guarantee, especially in the case of the installation of a new roof, your project would be covered if damage were to occur after the acceptance of the project. As its name indicates very well, the validity of this guarantee is 10 years .

Indeed, the law explicitly obliges professional roofers to take out this insurance.

Check the tools used by the roofer

In addition to the materials, the roofer must also prove to you that its human resources have the technical qualifications necessary to carry out the mission.

It’s time to renovate your roof! You are therefore looking for the best roofer to redo your roof to perfection. To find the right roofer, the ideal is to ask the opinion of your relatives or to do your research on the Internet. To choose it well, we advise you to compare several quotes, to study the references of the roofers, to trust an insured and accredited roofer and to take the  If you are looking for a roofer in Yvelines or Val d’Oise , Latouche Couverture can help you.

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