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What are the stages of a renovation project?


Jan 21, 2023
renovation project

For any renovation need to accompany you throughout the process, here is a guide which presents the stages of the realization of a renovation project

Stages of the renovation project

When it comes to drawing up a plan for a renovation or construction project , there are some crucial steps you need to make sure you follow. The more you think through each step, the more likely you will be able to stick to your goals, budget, and timeline. There are also many considerations that should be included in your property’s renovation plan.

Don’t wait halfway through your job to find out you should have painted the walls before laying down the hardwood floors . Or that the wiring should have been completed before the new ceiling was installed. Here are the basic steps that will ensure a perfect setup for your renovation project.

What is a property renovation?

A property renovation is a project in which the basic structure of a property undergoes repair or restoration. Some renovations are subtle, hyper-focused on a specific element while others, more extensive, take on more scope such as commercial renovations which often involve repairing or replacing an entire part of the building that is outdated or damaged.

Additionally, renovations have the advantage of being more economical than new construction and generally add value to structures.

Renovations usually involve rehabilitation work such as repainting walls or cabinets. Updating archaic and obsolete elements, installing new light fixtures, replacing doors and windows. Adding new materials, changing tiles or flooring. Or replacing the plumbing in the case of a bathroom renovation .

Moreover, they aim to bring a room or an entire house back to life and not replace or change it entirely. They can also be used to add value to a home before it is put up for sale. For this reason, renovations are smaller-scale projects.

They differ from remodeling, which involves modifications to the structure of a house and corresponds more to a transformation than to a simple update as is the case for renovations.

Why renovate?

The renovation not only honors the past, but also looks to the future. The adaptations and extensions of buildings as well as the fitting out of attics, for example, are a good alternative to new buildings. It helps to create more space, reduce energy consumption, preserve cultural heritage and adjust the building to the latest technical standards .

It has several objectives, including: improving comfort and the indoor climate. At the same time, it reduces energy consumption and saves money.

Moreover, the renovation can have an aesthetic impact, especially when you want to give a new look or design and personalize your home. Finally, when you want a change of scenery, converting an existing building is a good alternative to moving.

What are the stages of a home improvement project?

We have counted 10 major steps in the home improvement process. Those are :

  1. Planning

It consists on the one hand in identifying the elements to be renovated and establishing priorities and on the other hand in analyzing where to start while ensuring that we have the necessary time and means.

  1. Budgeting

This is to define the total amount to be spent on the project. It is strongly advised to provide an additional budget of 10 to 20% for unforeseen events that may arise.

Remember that it is possible to benefit from financial aid for renovation projects, especially those concerning energy renovation. There is the CEE energy bonus or even MaPrimeR√©nov’ which can reduce the cost of your work.

  1. Recruitment of a professional

Find and choose a competent contractor. And in a contract clearly define in advance the scope of work. This contract will serve as a point of reference throughout the renovation process.

  1. Insurance

It is a good idea to use an insurance company before and after the project to ensure its coverage in the event of problems.

  1. Securing permits and ordering equipment

Permits save you from problems that may affect your project. Make sure your contractor checks your municipality’s latest regulations before starting the project. Then order the necessary materials like wood, partitions, doors and windows

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