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Do you want to be able to use your industrial metal constructions.?


Jan 24, 2023
industrial metal constructions

You must then ensure that the facilities are always properly maintained and cleaned. In practical terms, this means that you will need to remove any remaining industrial coating and re-treat the metal surface before applying a new coating.

Iris can help you with this, we are number 1 in the Benelux for industrial coatings. By combining our knowledge of materials and products with our expertise as a market leader, we can offer durable and cost effective industrial coating solutions. For the removal of coatings, Iris uses two innovative techniques, namely steam blasting and induction.


With steam blasting we remove the industrial coating from machines and installations using very little abrasive during blasting. This is a technique in which the abrasive is encapsulated in water vapor and thrown onto the surface. This reduces dust formation by up to 90% compared to conventional sandblasting, for example.

In addition, steam stripping does not leave puddles of water containing chemical substances, the mist created during the process evaporates quickly. The low dust formation and the absence of water residues make it possible to reduce the costs of cleaning and disposal of waste. In addition, we can offer you a better price for this coating service because we use very little abrasive with this technique.

Steam cleaning is suitable for:

Stripping of industrial paints and coatings.Elimination of rust and corrosion.Removal of road markings

Graffiti removal.General cleaning of metal, stone and wood.Stripping and cleaning of buildings

Restoration of monuments and works of art.Removal of lead and asbestos.Maintenance of buildings and grounds


The second technique used by Iris for the removal of industrial coatings is induction. It is an effective, innovative and environmentally friendly method. Induction is an economical and efficient electromagnetic process for anti-corrosion coatings on steel surfaces. An alternating current flowing through a coil generates a magnetic field which passes through the coating. The steel surface under the coating heats up, which loosens the coating and makes it easy to remove. The thicker and harder the coating, the more effective induction is at removing it.

Unlike sandblasting, this technique does not require the use of abrasives, which eliminates the need to transport and handle huge quantities of abrasives.

In addition, paint waste produced by induction is almost 100% recyclable.

Induction is an effective way to remove industrial coatings:

Reduced process time thanks, among other things, to easy cleaning after the work

No purchase of abrasives necessary

Reduction of water consumption

No use of specific PPE and no waste disposal

Reduced pickling process time by 50-60%.



Our team of experts is intensively trained and their knowledge of industrial techniques is constantly updated. They are also always in possession of the necessary certificates to be able to provide the highest quality industrial coating for your metal constructions. In other words, our services always meet the latest technical, safety and environmental standards.

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