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What is construction planning: the steps to success


Jan 21, 2023
What is construction planning

Construction planning is the first step in integrating all project activities within a given time frame and budget. This is the stage where the project team chooses the action plans, policies and procedures to achieve its objectives. Therefore, a construction plan functions as the central pillar for monitoring and evaluating all project activities.


What is construction planning?

Why is construction planning important?

Who participates in construction planning?

The stages of construction planning

Construction planning techniques

How to make the building plan

Summary of assessment

What is construction planning?

Construction planning identifies all the activities needed in a construction project, breaking them down into smaller activities and organizing them logically, thus determining the machinery, labor and materials required. A construction plan refers to the set of documents prepared during construction planning. There are the resources, the activities, the schedule and the budget.

People outside of the construction industry might underestimate the need for a building plan, but it’s the most cost-effective way to satisfactorily arrive at a final project. The construction plan should be as detailed as possible, as it is the reference for establishing the cost estimate and project schedule.

Why is construction planning important?

We’ve usually described construction planning as the process that guides a project from idea to completion, but you might be wondering what the real purpose of a construction plan is . There are a few benefits to having a proper building plan.

He makes sure the project is on time and on budget.

Good construction planning dictates how we should do construction work and the pace with which we do it. It defines the activities, sequencing and methods implemented. This helps ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.

Better time allocation

A proper plan allows you to allocate time among stakeholders appropriately. This helps project stakeholders plan their time well. Having complete control of your project reduces the likelihood of overruns and delays.

It improves safety and supply in the project.

The procurement process for a project will simplify the planning of your purchases as needed. Safety performance also improves because you can use the construction schedule to find out who the workers are on site and ensure they are following safety guidelines.

Who participates in construction planning?

There are critical parts involved in construction planning , as discussed below.

parties involved in construction planning

Client and funder

In most cases, the client and the funder are the same parties, but their roles are distinct. The client is the end user, while the funder sponsors the project. When the client and the funder are two separate parties, the funder has the prerogative to make and approve changes in a project.


This is the general term for people or companies that have a contractual obligation to provide services under a project. For most projects, there is a main general contractor with sub-contractors working under supervision.

Advisors and advice

These are the parties responsible for providing guidance and expert knowledge in the planning and design of a project. Consultants are familiar with business projects, as clients hire them for their expertise in particular areas of knowledge.


Suppliers sell the materials and services needed for a project.

Engineers and architects

Architects come up with the design of the project, while engineers make sure the plan works. The engineer’s role is to ensure that designs are feasible and structurally sound. The architect also focuses on permits and project details.

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