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easy ways to spruce up your TV nook.?


Jan 24, 2023
spruce up your

The TV corner is often neglected, whether it is in the living room or elsewhere in the house. Let’s face it, this big device is ot always aesthetic at first glance. But, a few simple tips could allow you to blend your television into your decor.

Since we spend a lot of time in these living spaces, why not make them a little more attractive and welcoming, but also more functional and more efficient?

Here are 12 ideas for a decorative TV corner !

1. Camouflage a big TV

To break the “black hole” effect created by a bulky TV installed on a pale wall, prioritize dark colors and materials behind the television itself.

By reducing the contrast, the device will appear less imposing when it is closed, and it will blend into the decor.

2. Integrate the TV into a gallery wall

TV in front of a gallery wall


The TV can be integrated subtly through a gathering of frames, so that it becomes an integral part of a gallery wall. And it will be even prettier if it sits discreetly on a pretty vintage walnut piece of furniture!

Visit your local art dealers to find lovely canvases to add to your walls.

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3. Decorate with greenery

Do you have several plants? This concept is for you!

In order to give a perfectly balanced look, place the plants on either side of the TV, place a taller one on the ground and a lower one directly on the furniture.

4. Hide the device behind wooden doors

Television behind wooden door


Demand is high for this kind of project! Most people want to completely hide the TV in order to highlight nicer features, like reclaimed wood doors and a decorative bookcase.

You can get it online or in store, at the hardware store or in specialty stores.

5. Hide TV latest a world map


What a great idea, so simple to do and the effect is absolutely beautiful! With just one small movement, you can hide the TV, then make it reappear later!

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6. Direct the gaze elsewhere

TV in living room


In an uncluttered environment, the television becomes the black beast… Especially in a decor imbued with whiteness and lightness! To avoid this effect, the visual impact must be elsewhere.

How to do it? By creating a collection of objects placed very close to said beast, and these objects could even be off-center from the furniture.

7. Make the TV disappear at the top of the foyer

Personally, I don’t like a TV set above the fireplace. I feel like the device steals the show from the coat, which I think should be the visual impact in the living room. In addition, the TV is often disproportionate to the rest of the layout.

So why not just hide it? Hide it behind custom-made barn-style doors, which blend in perfectly with a  rustic-chic decor !

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